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Posts about Charitable Giving

Doctors Without Borders Recap

The Annual Maine Doctors Without Borders Fundraising Evening was a great success! Our firm and our committee feel very proud to have been able to share the important lifesaving mission of Doctors Without Borders within our community. Thank you to all our important donors and attendees, you made the evening an engaging, meaningful and enjoyable experience. It was a really wonderful night, and your contributions make a real difference to the lives of so many. We also want to thank our guest speaker, Tim Harrison, who offered a thoughtful, riveting, and eye-opening presentation about his first-hand experience in extremely challenging medical situations in South Sudan and the Mediterranean. He is a real hero.

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Leaving A Legacy: Estate Planning And Your Community

You probably know thatestate planning is essential to ensure that your assets are managed prudently during your life and distributed according to your wishes after death.

But you might not realize thatfinancial planningfor your estate is also a smart way to achieve philanthropic goals, such as supporting organizations and foundations that enhance your community.

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Charitable Giving And Financial Planning: Focus On Maine, Part 1

Comprehensive financial planning and wealth management must take into account how local events affect your investment strategy and retirement planning.

If you’re a Maine resident or plan to retire here, our “Focus On Maine” blog series helps you understand the trends and issues that are shaping the financial future of Maine’s taxpayers.

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