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Start Your Dream Retirement Planning In Portland, Maine

Planning for retirementis about more than budgets and logistics. Finding the ideal retirement location to fit your dream lifestyle is important, too. You want a city that provides your ideal lifestyle, without breaking your retirement budget.

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Planning For Retirement While Saving For Your Family’s Needs

In your 30s, perhaps you purchased your first house or condo. When children came along, you found a larger place to live. As the years progressed, you managed to keep up with your family’s rising expenses.

But now, your son or daughter is ready to start college, and you’re not sure how you’ll come up with the money to pay for it. In situations like this, planning for retirement often takes a back seat to more immediate needs, with consequences down the road.

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How To Retire Early In Portland, Maine … Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

If you’re trying to figure out how to retire early, maintaining your preferred lifestyle depends to a large degree on choosing the right geographic location.

If you like the idea of a dream home on an ocean inlet or in a natural setting as well as a vibrant cultural scene and access to good hospitals, airports and other infrastructure, you might want to consider retiring early in Portland, Maine.

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7 Tips For A Successful Retirement Investing Strategy

When people don’t have a sound strategy for retirement investing, they’re more likely to make investment decisions based on emotions, simplistic media reports and misguided advice from friends. While emotions and intuition are powerful in the right context, they often lead to poor decisions when it comes to retirement investing.

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Ready To Set Achievable Financial Goals For Your Retirement?

If you commit to investing $5,000 per year for your retirement, would you rather end up with $505,000 or $1 million at age 65? It sounds like a no-brainer, but many people miss out on the full benefits of their retirement savings by not setting concrete, achievable financial goals.

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