The average cost of a four-year college education is over $250,0001. Assuming a five percent annual increase, in 18 years, a four-year private college education is likely to cost over $600,000 per child. Therefore, it is important to assess your financial situation and readiness to afford a college education for your children in the future. 

Our team of financial professionals work with you to better understand the best long-term savings plan for your family's needs. We will begin with an assessment that covers a 360-degree view of your family's financial sitatuion. Following our our assessment, our financial advisors will outline a plan to: 

  • Map your family's big-picture college goals to specific financial strategies and investments
  • Evaluate the levels of risk in your current investments for college
  • Develop a blueprint as a guide to affording your children's dream college education


Take charge of your family's future

1according to data from The College Board