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We’re not just managing 401(k) plans — we’re dedicated to helping you become one of the top places to work in your community.

Located in Portland, Maine, we offer a degree of service that’s strengthened through a strong local presence. This includes our streamlined S2 Plan Onboarding process and 360-degree plan support, as well as helping your employees take control of their futures with individualized financial planning.

We believe that creating a great retirement plan is only the first step. As your 401(k) plan manager, Richard Brothers has an ongoing commitment to your company’s success. Here are a few of the ways we demonstrate that commitment to support you and your employees.

Start Planning Your Retirement With A Free, 30-Minute Consultation.  Talk With A Financial Guardian
Peak Plan Optimization

Peak Plan Optimization

Investment Performance lacking? Are the fees in your Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan unclear? Unsure as to whether you’re receiving top value for the level of service provided? Curious to find out how your retirement plan compares to your competitors?

By taking advantage of our Peak Plan Optimization process, we will work with you to clarify all of your questions and deliver valuable insights that can be used to help optimize your retirement plan. It drives the conversation from, “What am I paying?” to a more thought-provoking question, “Is what I’m paying reasonable for the value, service and success my plan and participants are achieving?”

This multi-tiered process includes:

  • Investment Performance Analysis
  • Customized Benchmark Group
  • A Framework to Review Quality of Service Providers
  • Evaluating the Scope of Services and their Impact on Plan Costs
  • Assessing Value Delivered to the Plan Sponsor and their Participants
  • Detailed Examination of Plan Fees to Encourage Full Transparency & Disclosure
Peak Plan Optimization

S2 Plan Onboarding

Switching to a new 401(k) plan provider is an exciting event. It shouldn’t be stressful for you — or your employees. That’s why Richard Brothers makes the switch easy, using our S2 (Streamlined and Stress-Free) Plan Onboarding process.

Here's what our Streamlined and Stress-Free process means for you:

  • Collaboration with your HR and finance staff to help ensure a seamless transition with no impact on your payroll
  • Progress tracking with detailed checklists as well as pre- and post-onboarding milestones
  • Dynamic, informative onboarding launch sessions that get your employees excited about their financial future
  • Proper documentation and compliance with fiduciary requirements

Switching to a new plan is a great investment in your employees and in your company’s future. Let us make that switch as easy as possible.


360-Degree Plan Support

Our dedicated team of financial professionals are committed to providing you with an exceptional client service experience. We are always just a phone call away, prepared to answer your questions and provide guidance for both you and your employees.

We hold regular employee on-site events to answer questions, explain benefits and improve plan participation. We also help your employees reach their retirement goals by offering complimentary individualized Future Financial Maps.

Our friendly client-centric approach supports your ongoing needs while empowering your employees to make wise financial decisions.

Ensure your employee’s financial success!