Richard Brothers knows every family has unique financial and life goals, and investments are only part of the picture. Whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 CEO, our knowledgeable, experienced advisors have extensive experience with meeting the needs of individuals for family financial planning and wealth management

Richard Brothers provides family financial planning and wealth management that will help you reach your life dreams.

Family wealth management begins with you, and the sooner you begin to define your wealth management goals, the better. Achieving long-term wealth management success requires a sustained effort. Think of it as more of a marathon than a sprint. What are your family life goals? Do they include things like children, college and a comfortable retirement? Do you have other goals you’d like to meet, and need to make a financial plan for them?

Family financial planning and wealth management can seem daunting, but with our customized approach, we help you keep the big picture clear, without getting mired down in the details. Through our consultation approach, Family Financial Fingerprint, we work closely with you to create a complete plan for meeting your family financial planning and wealth management goals.

Family Financial Fingerprint is a comprehensive wealth management consultation approach, and helps clarify your big-picture family financial goals and assess your progress on an ongoing basis. Rather than the overly broad market reports you get from other firms, we provide financial advice tailored to your specific objectives.

We also try to help make it easier for you to meet your family financial goals by offering financial planning at a lower, set fee for all family members.

We review the current investment portfolio for all family members and recommend ways to optimize performance. We offer semi-annual meetings to help ensure that your financial plan keeps up with new additions to your family, new job circumstances, changing market conditions, or any other change that will require adjustments to your wealth management plan.

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