Checklist For Securing Your Family's Financial Future: Download Your Free 7-Step Financial Planning Guide

You might not think you’re someone who needs an estate plan, but an estate simply means “everything you own.” That includes your personal property, such as real estate and other assets, as well as all of your cash, investments and life insurance. When you think about it that way, you see why financial planning for your estate is essential.

Unfortunately, many people don’t create a plan for what will happen to their estate after they pass away. In that situation, the state steps in and makes those decisions for you — in court. Going through the probate process is costly and time-consuming for your loved ones, and the results probably won’t be what you would choose.

The best time to start planning is now, and we’re ready to help.

Richard Brothers offers financial planning for your estate that so that your assets are managed prudently while you are alive and distributed after your death with the minimum taxes and legal and court fees.

Most important, our financial professionals can help you find the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve protected your family’s wealth for generations to come.

Checklist For Securing Your Family's Financial Future: Download Your Free 7-Step Financial Planning Guide
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Investment Strategies

Our financial professionals are experts in diversified investments, an important element in creating a financial plan for your estate.

Since personal investment styles differ greatly, we begin by meeting with you to learn about your account goals, risk tolerance and personal preferences. Next, we review your assets, cash flow patterns, tax planning and other factors that affect your investment horizon.

This process gives us insights to help create a plan that’s right for you. Our asset allocation strategy offers protection against dramatic market fluctuations by spreading your investments across different asset types, minimizing overall risk while maximizing potential return.


Personal Trust Planning

A personal trust plays an important role in your comprehensive estate plan and offers a variety of benefits, such as reducing your exposure to estate taxes.

The laws and responsibilities for trusts, however, are quite complex. Partnering with an experienced wealth management professional is a smart way to avoid the legal headaches, preserve your wealth and ensure compliance with your wishes.

Richard Brothers has the expertise and integrity to help set up trusts on your behalf. We can work with your attorney to establish a personal trust that balances your current needs with your estate planning goals. If you wish, we would be glad to recommend a select group of legal advisors we know and trust.

Take control of your financial future today!