Portfolio & Asset Management

Optimize investment performance with our Portfolio Management Evaluations

The best investment advisors are quick to acknowledge the fact that no financial plan should ever be set in stone. For countless reasons, markets fluctuate, investment opportunities change, and today’s best-informed portfolio recommendations may give way to new, more promising alternatives as circumstances change overtime.

You’ll benefit from our ongoing Portfolio Management Evaluations that involve an in-depth look at every aspect of your portfolio. We work with you to revisit the motivations informing the current investment mix, and make adjustments to represent changing objectives. We review past performance — and weigh future prospects in light of current economic trends. We assess risk, and devise plans to manage against unexpected impacts. Then we make clear, concise recommendations to update your portfolio, ever mindful of your investment goals for today — and the long term.

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your whole financial picture – and to share our perspectives on how best to attain your investment objectives.  


Investment Advisory

Securities Selection

Our proprietary system uses a consolidated investment holding report that allows us to select and weigh investments according to category and asset class. When selecting securities, we draw on data compiled from thousands of established research partners.  And then, determine strategic and tactical allocations.


Portfolio Tracking

Our investment process is designed to produce results by adhering to the principles of diversification and portfolio risk management.  In addition to regular portfolio reviews, we provide detailed quarterly performance reports, and use the findings to guide portfolio adjustments based on your goals.

Investment Optimization

Our buy/sell discipline is a critical component of the investment process. We continually screen the funds and rebalance investments to ensure that your portfolio conforms to your desired asset mix.

Investment Accounts

We offer a full range of investment accounts, including IRAs and 529 plans for education savings. With our fund transfer service, it’s easy to move funds between your accounts. Our investment accounts also offer automatic dividend reinvestment programs that increase the value of your portfolio through automatic reinvestment of your dividends and capital gains.

Securities-Backed Lending

Certain circumstances call for immediate access to liquid resources. Our Loan Advance solution can provide clients with loans of up to 70% of portfolio value at very low rates.  We can also assist clients with longer-term loan financing for business, real estate or other purposes.

Trading & Execution

We use leading-edge technology to serve as your contact on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and other national security markets, with the benefit of personalized attention you are unlikely to find at large, institutional brokers.

Richard Brothers Financial Advisors’ affiliated FINRA Member firm is Richard Brothers Securities. Richard Brothers Securities’ clearing correspondent is Pershing, a Bank of NY Mellon Company, and the premier clearing firm on Wall Street. Pershing provides execution and clearance services with a network of floor brokers on the NYSE, and has a significant presence on all national and regional exchanges.

We require that our clients direct Richard Brothers to employ our affiliated broker/dealer, Richard Brothers Securities, to execute trades. All Richard Brothers accounts are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).



Insurance Solutions

As a registered insurance agency, we are ready to advise you on the best policies for auto, life, disability and long-term care. We remain available to review your existing policies and work with insurance companies we know and trust to ensure you have adequate coverage.