Personal Wealth Management

Financial Advice for Individuals and Families

When you turn to us with the important task of managing your personal wealth, especially as your situation becomes more complex, you’ll develop a trusting relationship with experienced professionals dedicated to understanding your whole financial picture — and your objectives, both short-term and long-term.

Our approach to wealth management is to apply our values in every aspect of our relationship with each client. We develop a comprehensive understanding of where you and your family are today, and where you’re going. We take pride in our tradition of unparalleled customer service and our dedication to comprehensive plan implementation, and we schedule regular check-ins to evaluate the progress of your portfolio.


Our personal wealth management approach consists of five planning categories. We call them our “planning pillars,” and we draw on each of those areas of expertise to accomplish your goals. These Whole Picture Planning services include:

  • Retirement Security
  • Estate Protection
  • Business Transition
  • Education Funding
  • Income Sources


Retirement Security

At Richard Brothers, we’re devout believers in detailed, individualized, reality-based retirement planning that considers a range of critical variables — and charts a clear course toward measurable retirement goals.

Our Retirement Security Maximizer process starts — and evolves — with your input. We’ll work with you to gather key details about your financial life to establish a clear picture of your current assets — gathering information about income sources, current retirement accounts, and other investment holdings. We’ll ask you to clearly articulate your retirement objectives, including details on when and where you hope to retire. And we’ll tirelessly strive to ensure that your financial strength and security will continue to grow — both for you, and generations to come.


Prepare for your ideal future with our Retirement Security Maximizer

Business Transition

Sound succession planning is vital to preserve the value of your business, to ensure its prospects under new family management — or to maximize its market appeal to prospective buyers.

With our Business Transition Blueprint, we simplify the process of business transition by gathering vital information, clarifying your objectives, and charting a clear, efficient course of action. Over the course of nearly three decades, we’ve helped dozens of clients to navigate the complexities of business transition, and to move with confidence inspired by sound personal finances.


The Business Transition Blueprint considers a range of key succession areas, including initial preparation, insurance review, tax mitigation, business valuation, and proceeds management. We’ll guide you at every step of the succession process, providing insights on the impact of each decision on defined objectives — all while preserving the post-succession viability of the business.


Ensure smart succession with our Business Transition Blueprint

Estate Protection

For those committed to building and preserving wealth, the concept of estate planning is often a familiar one. But while estate planning is often guided by a trusted attorney, estate protection involves an in-depth assessment of your whole financial picture — and the development of detailed strategies for protecting your wealth and your family’s well being today, and after you’re gone.

That’s why we’ve developed the our Estate Protection Builder. Guided by your advisor, our Estate Protection Builder process produces detailed plans on how to transfer family wealth, mitigate estate and gift transfer taxes, and optimize the benefits of charitable giving. Our clear grasp of estate protection minutiae means details like establishing trust accounts, coordinating documents, calculating and reporting net worth and ensuring adequate insurance protection are well in hand, ultimately ensuring your peace of mind.


Protect your family’s future with our Estate Protection Builder

Education Funding

After the purchase of a primary residence, education represents one of the most significant expenses most families face — and one of the first times young adults are faced with a financial decision that could have long-term repercussions. Despite trends showing steady growth in the cost of post-secondary education, careful planning can eliminate the last-minute scramble for scarce financial aid — and eliminate the onerous burden of excessive student debt once secondary, college and graduate school have been completed.

Our Education Funding Navigator provides a simple, straightforward approach to the otherwise daunting process of planning for your family’s education expenses. Working with our team, you’ll quickly achieve a clear understanding of the steps you can take to ensure ideal education financing arrangements for each of your children — and grandchildren. We’ll employ our distinctive education savings calculator, work through our savings vehicle analysis, evaluate any available education financing sources and develop detailed payment coordination plans.


Eliminate planning guesswork with our Education Funding Navigator

Income Sources

With careful oversight by the Richard Brothers team, you’ll optimize your cash access by looking at all your assets, analyzing spending habits and understanding where income opportunities exist. This process is distinct from retirement planning, and can take place at any time

With our Income Source Analysis, we’ll work with you to perform an in-depth review of your cash flow needs. We begin the process with budgeting to manage savings and debt. We then work through a careful review of lifetime earning projections — including mortgage calculations and optimized Social Security benefits — to evaluate and recommend advantageous financing solutions. Working with what we learn, the Income Source Analysis culminates in a thorough, lifestyle-based expense and income evaluation to arrive at an actionable strategy to ensure ready access to necessary cash — while preserving the long-term performance of your investment portfolio.


Identify cash flow opportunities with our Income Source Analysis